The Human Resources team wishes all our readers a Happy New Year! It’s been a great year thanks to your support, relevant information-sharing, conversations, and more – and we look forward to continuing to bring you the freshest HR content in 2019 as well.

On that note, we present a selection of important trends to watch in 2019 in this special edition of our HR Bulletin.

1. Five corporate training trends you need to know



Companies today devote time, effort and money into corporate training, but such training can drive a competitive advantage only if done effectively. From digital transformation to collaborative learning, find out what trends leaders from DBS, Sephora, Bosch, Volvo Trucks, and YOTEL Singapore have identified that are stirring the region's learnscape in this exclusive. [Read the full story]

2. How to choose the right course for your employees


In today's context, there's nothing more relevant than training and development. Our very own Jerene Ang reveals three tips to follow when choosing a course for your staff. [Read the full story]

3. Ensuring a mixed bag of talent for success



With progressive organisations across Asia acknowledging the value of having diversity in its myriad forms such as gender, generations, experience, and more, the workplace has never shown as much promise for building inclusivity as now. In line with this, Human Resources speaks to various HR and business leaders to understand how organisations can better ensure diversity and inclusion in their workforce. [Read the full story]

4. Pragmatic transformation for 2019: 3 trends for HR to watch


According to Forrester's 2019 predictions, robots will reimagine talent management, employee experience will take centrestage, and artificial intelligence (AI) would build a foundation. Here's what HR leaders need to know. [Read the full story]

5. Four key trends in the future of payroll



Ascender has revealed the top trends to keep a lookout for in the payroll space: AI, a transition to the cloud, the two-way integration of payroll with human capital management systems, and data security and compliance. [Read the full story]

6. 4 trends highlighting the urgent need for agility



With the many emerging workplace disruptions today, it is crucial for organisations to be able to swiftly adapt its workforce capabilities to the highly uncertain business environments – something KellyOCG defines as workforce agility. Here are the four trends underscoring the urgent need for agility, highlighted by KellyOCG. [Read the full story]

7. 3 things you need to know about hiring people with mental health conditions



A study released the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) revealed that despite people with mental health conditions wanting to be employed, the negative attitudes of co-workers are major barriers to employing them. In line with this, read the top three things employers should note when hiring people with or recovering from mental health conditions. [Read the full story]

8. 19 statistics HR leaders need to know before 2019


To aid in planning your HR strategies to keep the innovation and progress going at your workplace in 2019, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting data and figures from this year, along with a link to the full report on each. [Read the full story]

9. Research: Make salaries transparent to reduce the gender pay gap



Even in a female-skewed industry like HR, a pay gap of US$10,000 still exists between male and female employees. This article takes a look at a new research released by INSEAD, which revealed that pay transparency has a positive impact on closing the gap. [Read the full story]

10. 3 employee healthcare trends to be mindful of in 2019


A recent whitepaper by Aetna International believes the future of healthcare lies in the worldwide adoption of a more predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory approach to health, whereby individuals are more actively involved in their own health and wellbeing. We highlight three employee healthcare trends HR leaders should be aware of for 2019, with some actionable ideas appended. [Read the full story]

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