With four days till the end of 2018, you might be starting to embrace the mantra of "new year, new me". However, don't let it stop with just you.

A new year could also mean a new office design or even a new location. To give you some ideas to start off your brainstorming, we've put together a series of companies who had went beyond design to provide their staff with a healthy working space to thrive in.

From climate change to health, find out how 10 companies are making a positive impact on their employees with their office models and what their HR directors have to say about these layouts:

1. Citi Singapore

Citi Singapore - Asia Square Office

Amol Gupte, head of ASEAN and CEO of Citi Singapore said: “We are delighted to be extending our global efforts to Singapore and look forward to playing a part in this important national agenda (of climate change).”

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2. Schneider Electric

Wendy Foong, vice president, human resources, East Asia and Japan Operations, Schneider Electric, said: "Our employees are our ambassadors and sustainability is at the core of our business strategy. As such focusing on becoming more energy efficient not only develops a sense of pride as we benefit from our own solutions, but also connects to our meaningful purpose and inspires a work culture towards the well-being of the environment and society."

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3. Amgen

Foo Wah Teng, human resources director, Amgen Singapore Manufacturing, said: "Amgen's New-Generation Workplace offers everyone the freedom to choose where they would like to sit within their neighbourhoods, giving them the flexibility to work in an environment that is most suited to the kind of work being carried out."

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4. Sportradar

For companies looking to revamp their own offices, here is what Agus Sugama, country director of Sportradar Singapore had to say: "Create a working environment where the essence of the brand is incorporated into the design of the office."

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5. Dyson’s Singapore Technology Centre

Dyson Mini Cafe

Scott Maguire, VP for engineering and operations, said: "We have a classic Mini – a brilliant example of wrong thinking. Its creator, Sir Alec Issigonis adopted the clever approach of mounting the engine transversely in the car, which made possible a car that had both a small footprint and a relatively spacious interior. Icons such as these serve to inspire our young engineers, of whom the average age is just 26."

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6. Johnson & Johnson


Lisa Tay, head of human resources, Asia Pacific, said: "Our new 15,800 sq. meter facility boasts a central “green lungs” to bring nature indoors and to provide our employees with a more conducive environment. Work neighborhoods are situated at the peripheral of the building core so that natural light permeates through the workspace, and employees are able to enjoy the external view."

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7. FedEx Express

Audrey Cheong, managing director, said: "The modern design reflects how FedEx keeps pace with trends and connects with the workforce, who are composed of both the younger Millennials and older generation (who are also young at heart)."

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8. Most popular office layouts


Ambient Concept’s Charmaine Kon identifies the five most popular office layouts currently in trend - the really open space, the private rooms, the case for cubicles, the team clusters and the co-working space.

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9. K11 Atelier 


At K11 Atelier, the interior of the mixed-use office tower was crafted by the Japanese design studio Simplicity, best known for creating minimalist, people-centric hospitality spaces. The office also boasts an emphasis on sustainability with photovoltaic solar systems, creating enough power to operate around 220 coffee machines.

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10. Arcadis Hong Kong

Its activity-based working environment provides everyone the liberty to choose the workplace that best suits their work style, the type of task they need to perform and how they will collaborate with others.

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From us to you: Warmest wishes to you and your team in 2019 and a happy New Year!

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