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Video: Japanese firm has good news for office smokers

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Japanese company Ryonetsu has come up with the latest innovation when it comes to workplace smokers. Instead of asking them to step outside to get their nicotine fix, employers can simply install a tiny ventilated smoking room right next to an employee’s desk.

The smoking room for one enables smoking employees to practise their habit inside the office, without bothering their non-smoking colleagues with the smell and harmful smoke, Yahoo Japan reports.

Although “room” may be a bit of a generous word for the one-person-sized contraption, it does come equipped with a deodorising air freshener, filter, and air conditioning, making the smoker’s experience inside as pleasant as possible.

According to Ryonetsu, having an indoor smoking area also comes with benefits for the employer. Gone are the days when employees would procrastinate by chatting to colleagues over a smoke, because there’s simply no space for more than one. Additionally, having a designated smoking spot right beside their desk means staff won’t have to use up any valuable work time by walking to and from the outside smoking area.

Watch the company’s promotional video here [in Japanese]:

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