With input from Aditi Sharma Kalra.

Jane Lum has taken up a new role as Head of Human Resources for Singapore at Shilla Duty Free, moving away from her previous role as Senior Manager for Austraasia (Singapore, Malaysia & Oceania) at Chopard.

In this new role, she reports directly to the Managing Director for Shilla Duty Free Singapore.

Her immediate priority for the next year in this role is to strengthen the firm's 'wins' and clear the gaps for the challenges, Lum said exclusively to Human Resources Online.

"Shilla Duty Free has strong brand identity and comes with years of company culture. We are looking to strengthen and move the brand identity to the next level by pushing for the role of a fair and creative employer in Singapore. This includes developing bite size learning for our employees, both for workplace and emotional intelligence based training and development," she elaborated.

Asked about what keeps her passionate about the beauty retail industry, Lum said: "My passion is people and their learning. Being in retail industry for more than a decade, I have been exposed to various personalities and have learnt from them whether directly or indirectly."

She noted that the industry allows her to meet people from all walks of life, making life's sharing the biggest classroom and learning opportunity.

"I am lucky to have met many different people in different background with different view of life; various angles of looking at the same picture; outcomes that is not the normal route of success are exciting sharing that I enjoy," she concluded.

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