Joining iMoney Group, the comparison business for credit cards, loans, broadband and insurance, as Head of People & Culture is Nor Izzuddin Shah Mohamed Nor.

In conversation with Human Resources, he highlighted his immediate priority is to ensure that the HR fundamentals are compliant in all the markets where the company is operating, which will ensure the the business run without any speed bumps.

He added: "Also, I need to make sure that all roles are filled within three months in all our markets to support the growth of our business."

Based in Malaysia, Nor Izzuddin Shah is an experienced HR director with regional exposure, handling all aspects of HR management. He has specific strengths in employer branding and conflict management, among other skillsets, as well as in-depth experience in creating policies and SOPs for startups.

He was most recently Head of Human Resources at HelloGold, and also has past experience working with Yonder Music, TPaay Asia (formerly known as Tune Money), Rosen Asia Pacific, and more.

He was also previously the Co-Founder & Director of RedRadar Recruits, where he undertook the role of a professional headhunter, managing the end-to-end recruitment process.

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