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UOB Malaysia launches structured training programme for university undergraduates

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Today, United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) [UOB Malaysia] has launched the UOB Smart Bankers Internship Programme to prepare undergraduate students for a career in banking.

During the three-month structured training programme (over 10 to 12 weeks), Malaysian students completing finance-related degrees both locally and abroad can look forward to on-the-job training at the bank, as well as classroom-based training.

They will be attached to specific units – including HR, Retail Banking, Corporate and Commercial Banking and more, to gain practical banking experience by working on various cross-collaboration projects. These students will also be assigned a mentor for guidance, feedback and appraisal.

Apart from that, the internship programme is structured to equip students with classroom training related to personal development and methods to build personal career goals.

On this, Lai Tak Ming, Executive Director and Country Head of Human Resources, UOB Malaysia, said: “While most traditional internship programmes provide interns with on-the-job work experience, the UOB Smart Bankers Internship Programme goes a step further by focusing on both practical and personal development.

“Through a series of classroom-based training and mentoring sessions, our interns will learn to apply strategies that will help them make smart and informed decisions to build successful careers.”

For instance, they will learn how to maintain a positive and creative mindset, identify and eliminate setbacks and barriers, manage their goals and priorities, as well as build leadership and personal motivation.

Lai added: “As a bank that is committed to building a future-ready workforce equipped to meet the needs of increasingly tech-savvy customers, we invest heavily in training and development programmes to ensure that our people remain relevant.

There are currently 13 undergraduates in the UOB Smart Bankers Internship Programme, and the bank will partner with leading universities in Malaysia to encourage high-achieving students to apply and to give more local students insights into the relevant skills needed to excel in the banking line.

Interested students can find out details on UOB Smart Bankers Internship Programme here.

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