To accelerate the Digital Bank's initiatives in the region, such as the Engagement Lab (eLab), United Overseas Bank (UOB) has launched a talent search to hire passionate and like-minded people. The new hires will join the 120-people strong team already working on the roll-out of UOB’s Digital Bank across ASEAN.

The bank aims to increase its Digital Bank team by 50% in the next 12 months.

Of these new hires, a quarter will join the eLab. Other roles include those in areas such as user experience and user interface design, behavioural science and research, data analytics and design thinking. The bank will also increase its team of technologists, such as software engineers and architects, to develop solutions such as in-house application programming interfaces (APIs) which tap UOB’s secure IT architecture to drive real-time data analytics.

While 45% of the roles will be located in Singapore, positions will also be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Dr Dennis Khoo, head of digital bank and digital banking, said: "This is an exciting time for UOB as we roll out the digital bank of the future, one that is built on insights to enrich the customer experience for the digital generation. We are on a quest to find like-minded people to be part of our pioneering team. Together, we will turn ideas into distinctive experiences that matter to our customers."

Last Thursday (18 October), UOB announced the launch of its pan-regional eLab, which will enable the bank to personalise the way in which it converses and serves its digital bank customers.

According to a media release, UOB's eLab will leverage on latest technology and behavioural insights to design, to test and to trial ways to encourage customers to save and spend more wisely.

The eLab team of specialists from a range of various disciplines including data analytics and behavioural and decision sciences will ensure that digital conversations with customers are relevant, familiar and intuitive to them. Given ASEAN’s cultural and linguistic diversity, these conversations will be in the customers' own mother tongue.

The eLab is core to UOB's Digital Bank which the bank announced in August this year.

Photo / 123RF