Open feedback has been central, enabling us to customise our offerings to what truly benefits everyone, and not what we think they want, says John Tan, Chief HR and Administrative Officer, TG Global.

What inspires you the most about your role?

Amongst the whole bunch of hats I wear, I simply love the HR one the most. It is incredibly unique, which can sometimes be hard but also be immensely rewarding. It’s not just about people or all about the organisation. Nothing inspires me more than working constantly to cultivate the balance, and in turn help organization and people soar together.

Q What is your go-to HR mantra?

“Reach out and impact lives.”

Successful enterprises are built upon a bedrock of integrating people and processes – in turn cultivating an evocative workplace and building organisational ambidexterity. No one size fits all, hence the challenge is to be agile and take the first step to build purpose by getting to know the team members and the organization in personalizing the approach.

Q How do you ensure employees are constantly motivated, especially when the organisation faces challenges?

We always strive to walk the talk, lead the charge, and be with the team through thick and thin. Encourage them to challenge themselves to move forward, to be spontaneous, and bring their A-game at work. It often works well in helping to lift the spirit.

Q What are your considerations when you implemented the total rewards offerings in your organisation? 

There are multiple key factors to ponder, however for me one of the most important ones lies in understanding what mutually works for both the company and people; and to be able to customise or localise offerings – especially when we are operating in a global environment – so we can preserve a sense of corporate identity or uniformity across the group whilst ensuring we provide optimal offerings across each of our unique location and demography.

Q How do you plan to work better with your organisation in managing your employees’ wellbeing?

In not leaving things to chance, we work around an overarching group philosophy which drives a sense of identity and uniformity, yet at the same time, empower and work with our global teams to localise the management of employees’ wellbeing. Open feedback has been central, enabling us to customise our offerings to what truly benefits everyone, and not what we think they want.

Q What would delegates learn from your session at Total Rewards Asia Summit 2020?

I’m someone who likes to simplify and embrace the ABCs of things; and I look forward to sharing more of our practices, experiences, insights and outlooks which hopefully may provide value-added dimensions to your journeys. I also hope to engage, connect with and learn from everyone present.

Q What would you look forward to experience at #TotalRewardsAsia 2020? 

Definitely looking forward to the fascinating medley of best practices and great people around. I love nothing more than getting to know more like-minded professionals and learning from one another. See you there!

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