The value of health and wellness programmes is tied to workforce productivity and business success, but the other side of the coin reveals worries on costs.

At Employee Benefits Asia 2017, top HR executives and compensation and benefits professionals will disclose their successful cost-saving methods.

Employee Benefits Asia, the biggest regional conference dedicated to comp & ben strategy, will happen in Hong Kong on 11 May, the Philippines on May 4, Malaysia on 16-17 May, and in Singapore on 18-19 May.

“The ROI questions only end if companies reflect on the design of their health or wellness initiatives instead of dwelling on costs,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine. “This is why Employee Benefits Asia will hold comprehensive discussions and present credible case studies to explore today’s most effective cost management efforts.”

Employee Benefits Asia 2017 will discuss the most pressing issues being faced by C&B professionals according to the latest HR research and explore the impact of talent rewards on business transformation. Here is how one of the topics, managing the costs of health and wellness programmes, will be presented at the event.

Rohaya Roslee, talent management leader at Dow Chemical Pacific, will discuss how employee engagement can be integrated with wellness programmes. In her case study presentation entitled “How do you make wellness programmes cost effective given the tight budgets for HR?” Roslee will provide tips on how to create a holistic package and meet talent expectations. She will also lay down techniques on how HR can persuade employees to maximise wellness opportunities.

Key measurement of ROI and the success factors in providing flexi benefits are among the issues Penelope Gan, deputy group CHRO at AmBank, will address in her case study presentation entitled “How to use flexi benefits to address demographic-diverse challenges.” Gan will establish the rationale behind flexi benefits and their impact on organisations as well as the challenges in implementation.

For her keynote address “Aligning business outcomes with a total rewards strategy,” Sapna Saxena, director for people operations at Paypal, will examine the relations and importance of powerful branding, employee benefits, and business objectives. Saxena will lead the analysis of the region’s best practices in the field of C&B. Another critical topic in her keynote is how to replace the traditional vendor approach with a welfare perspective in tailoring benefits to various demographics and industries.

Past Employee Benefits Asia attendees are top HR executives from leading and international companies in the region, such as CapitaLand, DHL, General Electric, Heineken, Maersk, The Waltz Disney Company, Rolls-Royce and many more. All presenters & panellists, are director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

Held in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in May 2017, Employee Benefits Asia is the region’s biggest conference on compensation& benefits strategy. The event will unveil best practices and rewards strategies through an agenda dominated by case studies and global thought leaders and attracts a large audience of senior HR generalists and compensation &benefits specialists as well as and CEOs, CFOs and COOs closely involved in their companies’ compensation & benefits strategies.

To get a global and Pan-Asian regional view of compensation & benefits and expand your knowledge and skills across the rewards spectrum, reserve your seat for Employee Benefits Asia in May 2017.

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