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Truth or lies

Top 10 lies you often hear at work

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Government officials are all masters of using weasel words in public speeches, but as it turns out, our colleagues and bosses are not too shabby either.

Heawork tumblr shared the the top “nice” things people said to colleagues and what they really mean. Are you guilty of saying any of these words, or even worse, have you heard them all?

1. “Young people you should be more ambitious. Don’t worry about doing unpaid overtime, it is the perfect chance for you to learn.”

The truth: Nice to have free labour to help me work on things I don’t want to do.  Plus I get to go home on time today.

2. “We should look long-term.  Let’s put our differences aside and work things out as a team.”

The truth: I need you to get this done now,  I will deal with you later.

3. “Thank you so much!  Let me buy you lunch someday.”

The truth: I need your help now, I will say whatever it takes to make you work for me.

4. “Speak you mind.  I love to hear other people’s opinions.”

The truth: Say what you really think and you are dead.

5. “I will do whatever I can to help you get the pay raise you want from management.”

The truth: No way the boss is going to give it to you.  Forget about it!

6. “Let’s stay in touch.” (Said to co-workers on the last day at work.)

The truth:  Who are you?  Do I know you?

7.  “Take the day off if you are not feeling well.”

The truth: Don’t you dare take the day off unless you have completed your work.

8. “I always agree with my boss, no question about that.”

The truth: The boss doesn’t understand English.

9.  “Don’t work so late.”

The truth: I want that 300 page report on my desk at 9 in the morning.

10.  “No rush.”

The Truth: I need you to be quicker.

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