Companies regularly relocating their employees definitely look out for the varying labour and market conditions while dispatching their expatriates on assignment.

Cartus Corporation recently released its 2016 Global Mobility and Practices survey, identify the leading providers of global relocation services. Among the list of top 10 countries, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland took away the top three spots. Singapore ranks as fourth globally, the top Asian country in the list, with China coming in at eighth.

Cartus top 10

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The ranking was established from data retrieved from Cartus’ worldwide client base, which includes more than half of Fortune 50 companies.

Corporate respondents to the survey say that relocation is well and alive, with close to half (47%) expecting an increase in international assignments over the next two years.

Various countries have their own merits when it comes to business. Here’s what Singapore and China have to offer to companies looking to expand:

Singapore With its reputation as the APAC regional hub for many western firms, Singapore constantly enjoys an influx of employee relocations. It serves as a well-established hub for services such as software and IT, business and finance. The large population of expats results from its many benefits such as a thriving economy and efficient infrastructure. Singapore is known for governing with integrity, making it one of the easiest places to do business.

China The People’s Republic of China welcomes many foreign businesses, in the high-tech, agricultural and telecommunications just to name a few. Its access to a continually growing market, skilled labour force and rapidly growing economy are just some of the many reasons why China is an increasingly principal location for companies.

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Photo/ Cartus Corporation