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The worst annual dinner gifts

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Chinese New Year is approaching. Many companies are busy arranging their annual dinner and many employees are looking forward to the coveted lucky draw prizes!  On the night, lucky co-workers are thrilled to bring home flight tickets, cash or coupons, but not everyone has the same luck.

In a recent blog post on Heawork, a poster shared some of the worst gifts given out at the annual dinner organised by a public organisation, complaining the company treats employees as “recycling bins”.

Here are the items HR teams need to remove from the annual dinner gift list if they want to keep employees motivated.

1.Winnie the Pooh thermo bottle
Thermo bottles are practical and Winnie the Pooh is cute. However, that the one who won the gift is not necessarily a fan of the bear who loves honey.

2.Minions plush
The same problem as above. The little yellow buddies may be better received at the Lunar New Year Fair stalls.

3.An Ocean Park ticket
Has anyone ever been to a theme park alone? Maybe the two persons who won the ticket could take this as a bonding opportunity and enjoy the roller coasters together.

A classic board game, especially popular in secondary schools. The magic is: the gift could bring you back to your student days.

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