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The weirdest reasons people got fired


Look you never know what is going to get thrown at you as a manager; it could range from curbing your staff's online gaming habits to handling some hairy interview situations. Sometimes your day is just filled with putting out fires.

On that note; one Reddit user asked; "Managers, what were some strange reasons for firing an employee?" The answers on the online forum range from a little strange to just plain bizarre. Some of the best replies are listed below.

  • Had to fire a guy who refused to tuck in his shirt, said we were too stuffy.
  • I was a shift lead, and one day my manager and I were talking in the back room and witnessed another employee on the security cameras in the other store in the same mall, picking... something ...? out of his hair, and eating it. He was gone the next day.
  • I had to fire a guy for picking his nose.
  • One guy was fired from a higher end breakfast restaurant because he kept breaking the dishes. He didn't break them because he was clumsy, he broke them so he wouldn't have to wash them.
  • One of my former coworkers got fired for refusing to work Black Friday.
  • A co-worker was fired because he refused to tie his steel-toed safety boots.
  • Had an employee that broke the smallest of rules all the time. Eventually, it added up. The final straw was that he lit a candle. It was a "fire hazard".
  • I had to ask the owner of my old job to fire someone who had less seniority than me because she kept planting things on me to accuse me of theft. It was pretty funny watching her put stuff under my desk when she thought no one was looking, then try to do a Scooby-Doo dramatic reveal at the end of the day.
And sometimes its the manager that gets into trouble as two users showed;
  • My father was the manager of an office building up until 2016 when he was fired after it came to light that two of his employees were in a relationship with each other.
  • My own manager was fired for a multitude of reasons, said one commenter that included the following;
    • Buying equipment using company card that hadn't been approved, even for personal use, stating "it helped him for work".
    • Buying gifts for women in the workplace and spending lots of time with them, even inviting them to lunch and coffee, even if they are married. He only did this to the more attractive women.
    • Played video games on his work PC, which he'd also bought without approval
    • Threatened my coworker with potential termination over asking if he could leave a little earlier than he'd previously requested. The coworker even emphasised it wasn't a must.
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