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The top frustrations for Hong Kong jobseekers

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The top three frustrations of Hong Kong jobseekers about the recruitment process include multiple interview rounds (37%), slow feedback (34%) and lack of transparency on rewards and benefits (34%), according to a new survey by recruitment site Robert Half.

The survey spoke to 500 job seekers in Hong Kong to find out their biggest frustrations with the recruitment process.

Doing multiple job interviews with the same employer 37%
Slow feedback to get an update about where I stand in the recruitment process 34%
Lack of transparency on rewards and benefits 34%
Keeping track of multiple job interviews/opportunities with different employers 30%
Poor communication about the required steps in the recruitment process 28%
Delayed decision-making 24%
Difficulties scheduling interviews 24%
Changing role requirements 16%
Disappointment with contractual terms 17%

Even though the research shows that when actively looking for a job almost half (45%) of jobseekers apply for numerous roles at the same time. Yet 95% of employers say they have trouble filling vacancies which means  they need to act quickly or risk losing top talent. In fact, 84% of job seekers regularly receive multiple job offers when looking for work, 43% reported “often” or “always” getting more than one offer.

“In a candidate-short market, businesses looking to secure the best person for the job risk alienating job applicants with long, drawn-out interview processes,” said Adam Johnston, managing director at Robert Half Hong Kong.

“While the recruitment process needs to be balanced against the expectations and frustrations of jobseekers, Hong Kong companies could benefit from streamlining their application and interview process, thereby ensuring delays and other frustrations are not costing them, top candidates,” Johnston said.

Although multiple interview rounds and slow feedback are reported as the top frustrations, 44% of jobseekers reported they do not receive feedback from their potential employers on how they did in the interviews and 50%  said they do not receive feedback about the reason why they were not offered the job.

This lack of feedback can have a detrimental effect on the company’s future hiring prospects, with 60% of Hong Kong jobseekers saying they would not recommend a company as a potential employer and 51%  said they would be willing to withdraw their application if they have not received a timely response about the status of their application.

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