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The signature toxic phrases of bad colleagues

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Most people would agree working with bad colleagues is one of the toughest things to deal with in life.

The list of bad behaviours of colleagues is endless. There are petty colleagues who always finish up the good snacks, those who yell on phone calls in the office, and those who take their children from office to office during Lunar New Year to hunt for red packets, just to name a few.

While these behaviours are despicable, colleagues with vicious tongues are equally annoying. Here are four toxic phrases bad colleagues love to say, as shared by blogger Hsu Re Re. Do they sound awfully familiar to you?

1. “Do you understand me?”
In every office there is a smart aleck who thinks his or her thoughts are so brilliant that “ordinary” people would not be able to understand them. Which is why they love to end everything they say with “Do you understand me?”

But honestly, how hard can it be to understand someone when both parties are speaking the same language?

2. “I don’t know. Don’t ask me.”
This is the classic reply given by irresponsible colleagues who put in minimum effort. They never help others or care about the well-being of the team.

3. “What do you expect from me?”
Another classic response from irresponsible colleagues who expect others to clean up after them when they screw up. The boss pay employees to serve the company not to put out fire for incompetent co-workers.

4. “I am not responsible for this.”
Hse Re Re shared the case of a client calling to complain about something. The receptionist passed the call to every department in the office, but everyone’s response was “I am not responsible for this”. The call was eventually transferred back to the receptionist because nobody wanted to handle the complaint.

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