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The most romantic professions

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A US online marketplace surveyed 2,784 “taken” Americans (married/in a relationship) to determine which profession is “the most romantic”, or in other words, the most vocal towards Valentine’s Day.

Thirty eight per cent said their company arranged Valentine’s Day-themed activities, while 44% aim to send cards to some or all of their colleagues.

In terms of “the most romantic profession”, 78% of employees working in the marketing and sales sector have planned something special for their significant other, followed by the customer support department (71%).

The next Valentine’s Day enthusiasts go to the workers in the media/communications/public relations sectors (65%), who might as well be avid readers of timeless romance literature.

Meanwhile, 60% of human resources professionals are also joining the celebration.

Succumbing to the non-affectionate stereotype, Americans who work in the field of information and technology are the least likely to make a big deal of the occasion (37%).

Meanwhile, 52% of employees, who do not take a day off and are in a relationship, plan to send a card, flowers or candy to their partner’s office.

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