The difference between compliance and commitment lies in engagement, and this looms as a challenge for HR to go beyond compensation and dive into talent strategy.

Training & Development Asia, the region’s only learning & development conference for HR leaders and learning & development specialists, will reveal how HR can effectively attract the right talent and keep top performers through learning strategies which drive employee engagement and staff retention.

“Apart from financial rewards, corporate culture and overall work experience, training has become central to employee engagement,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine.

“This is why Training & Development Asia 2016 encourages a holistic people strategy in cultivating a learning environment that values progress and fulfillment while driving bottom line results.”

Training & Development Asia 2016 is a two-day regional conference for HR managers and senior learning & development specialists which will take place in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in June.

Here is how one of the topics, L&D as an employee engagement tool, will be presented at the event:

Manish Arneja, global organisational development manager at Fonterra, will deliver a presentation on how he has developed a talent strategy that boosts employee participation.

Arneja will identify the factors that drive and decrease enthusiasm among staff. He will also demonstrate the power of feedback and data and how to harmonise organisational systems, the environment and people levers to strengthen commitment.

Arneja has over 13 years experience in organisational development and change with expertise in the areas of leadership behaviour, team dynamics, people change, employee engagement and organisational values and culture.

A panel session entitled “Discover the unconventional methods of employee participation” will highlight the reasons that motivate employees on a personal and professional level.

The protagonists will present successful case studies of companies using unconventional methods for engagement.

They will also provide practical insights and effective approaches in inspiring employees and making their purpose stand out in their respective roles.

The panel is composed of Fonterra’s Manish Arneja, Adeline Looi, head of talent and organisation development at Nestlé, and Joanne Loong senior manager of human resources at Coca-Cola.

Can a coaching culture make a difference in an organisation?

Amit Saxena, head of HR at Recron, will disclose his answers in his presentation entitled “Adopting a proper coaching framework to boost employee engagement.”

He will lay down the steps and principles in devising a constructive coaching program. The nature of coaching, the types of coaching, and its strategic importance in employee development will also be discussed.

Incentivising work performance will be the central subject of the panel session that will be led by Gary Lee, senior project manager for talent management at Grundfos, and Candy Leung, head of JB Academy at Julius Bae.

They will look into the effectiveness of including employee training & development in a compensation & benefits plan. Other topics they will cover are ways to encourage employees to join training activities and how to drive accountability towards personal development.

For her presentation entitled “Micro-learning and developing an active learning culture,” Jaya Venugopal, APAC regional talent head at Richemont, will lift the value of micro-learning.

Venugopal will shed light on how social learning can improve the speed and quality of learning as well as the sharing of knowledge. Another highlight of her discussion is how organisations can build and sustain an active learning culture.

Among the leading companies represented in past Training & Development Asia conferences were AXA, KPMG, Sanofi, Seagate Technology, Shell, Singapore Telecommunications, Visa and many more.

All presenters and panellists are director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

Held in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in June 2016, Training & Development Asia is the region’s biggest conference on learning & development strategy.

The two-day annual event is focused on best practice corporate learning strategy, features an agenda dominated by case studies and leading global thought leadership, and attracts a large audience of senior HR generalists and learning & development specialists as well as and CEOs, CFOs and COOs closely involved in their companies’ learning & development strategy.

To get a global and Pan-Asian regional view of learning & development and to increase your knowledge and skills across the corporate learning spectrum do not miss Training & Development Asia in June 2016.

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