In an ode to the HR function this holiday season, this special edition of our HR Bulletin invites you to a 15-minute conversation with 10 HR leaders globally, to pick their brains on a range of topics - from the one mentality the HR function should do without, to how HR has evolved over decades, the elephant in HR's room, and more.

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1. A*STAR's HR director on the one phrase HR should do away with


Iki Ng, Director - Human Resource, A*STAR, shares about the mentality HR should adopt, how his team is his career inspiration, and more. [Read the full story here]


I love how the work that we do in HR, if carried out with professionalism, humility and authenticity, can create a positive impact to the culture, development, and ultimately, the outcome of an organisation.

2. Zendesk's CPO reveals the company’s most innovative HR initiative


InaMarie Johnson, Chief People Officer, Zendesk, talks about showing employees that they are cared for during a significant life event — good or bad — so that they can come back to work happy and productive. [Read the full story here]


Supporting scale when plagued with limited resources is an inevitable challenge a lot of HR professionals will face. 

3. How DKSH Malaysia's P&O director knew HR was the best fit for him


After having spent almost 10 years in the contact centre industry, Lee Yu Chuan, Director, Country People & Organisation, DKSH Malaysia had been exposed to transformative HR, which propelled him into a career into this people-driven function. [Read the full story here]


HR professionals should look into providing talent-related business solutions to desired business outcomes rather than limit themselves to transactional aspects of the role.

4. DRB-HICOM's Izham Ab Wahab on the evolution of HR



The role of HR has come a long way since decades ago. Today, HR even plays a critical role that interfaces the needs of the board, management and the employees in the pursuit of meeting business objectives, Izham Ab Wahab, Head of Group Human Capital, DRB-HICOM, points out. [Read the full story here]


Currently, most organisations manage talent in an identical manner. But to me, the best talent management is personalised.

5. Amcor's Cristina Istria on what HR professionals should do away with


We still hear of many HR folks sitting in closed offices away from the workforce due to the ‘confidential’ things they deal with. Cristina Istria, Director – Talent & Development, Amcor Singapore, affirms that we, HR leaders, need to sit in the middle of the action, and understand what employees go through on a daily basis. [Read the full story here]


Don’t forget that employees who perform at their peak are typically able to secure more flexibility.

6. Why talent mapping is high on the agenda of Yeo's CHRO Angelina Chua


According to Angelina Chua, First Vice President, Group Human Resources, Yeo Hiap Seng, talent curation is one of the company’s top priorities, given that good strategies require good people to execute them. She shares more in this interview. [Read the full story here]


I would encourage HR professionals to proactively and regularly review systems and processes to challenge themselves and be more critical of their current policies.

7. Why the word 'calibration' is the elephant in HR's room, per Zeemart's Beena Natarajan


Beena Natarajan, Head of Talent & Vibe, Zeemart, calls out the usage of 'calibration' as a non-inclusive phenomenon, and shares how we can replace it with frequent high-quality connections and situational feedback. [Read the full story here]


Next generation performance management can be achieved with the use of technology and frequent connections.

8. The most innovative people campaigns this HR leader has worked on


Vasumathi Balan, APAC, COE, Talent Development & Acceleration, Motorola Solutions, cites a programme where employees were encouraged to develop themselves, and in return, they were recognised for these efforts. [Read the full story here]


To manage both job expectations and being a mother of two, I learned to prioritise tasks and be disciplined in managing my time effectively.

9. HR clerk duties during school vacations drew Kristine Cheong to HR


Right since then, Kristine Cheong, Associate Director, HR, Duke-NUS Medical School, was intrigued to see HR's engagement efforts to shape the workplace culture, she shares. [Read the full story here]


We should, at all cost, avoid telling our line managers and staff to read and understand HR policies.

10. How DAN's Talent Management Director 'accidentally' got into HR



Having moved from the 'business' side and getting into HR by 'accident', Gan Mei Lian, Talent Management Director, Dentsu Aegis Network Malaysia, sheds light on why HR needs to know the business well. [Read the full story here]


If work-life balance means being able to compartmentalise work and personal life into separate sections, then I think it is a rather idealistic delineation in this day and age of technology and the expectations that come with it.

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