If you're feeling a tad too overworked, just be thankful you're not an employee in the USA, where staff are given no statutory vacation or holiday entitlement. 

(Unless of course you are reading this from the States. In which case, you have our deepest sympathies.)

According to Mercer's latest Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines, Asia Pacific countries offer workers the least number of statutory paid holiday days overall.

 Mercer’s latest Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines So where should you go if you're looking for more days off? The UK, where employees are entitled to a whopping 28 paid vacation days.

 Mercer’s latest Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines However, even if you did work in a country which offered up to a month - minimum - of statutory annual leave days, chances are you wouldn't use it all anyway.

Yep, around 75% of employees don't take all the time off they are allocated - and even when they do, 61% say they still manage to do some work while on holiday, Glassdoor reported.

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Does your organisation's paid vacation days line up with Mercer's report? Should employees in APAC be entitled to more vacation time? Share your thoughts with us below.

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