Singapore has the highest proportion of high-skilled employment in Asia Pacific.

According to the Human Capital Report 2015 by Mercer and the World Economic Forum, 54% of its workforce is highly skilled, relatively higher than the percentage in New Zealand and Australia.

Singapore also ranked highly in the region for leveraging on its human capital.

Singapore garnered a score of 78.15 in this area, placing it in fourth place in APAC.

Japan led the list with a score of 82.74, followed by New Zealand at 81.84 and Australia at 80.22.

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"Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century," said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

"To make any of the changes necessary to unlock the world’s latent talent – and hence its growth potential – we must look beyond campaign cycles and quarterly reports. Dialogue, collaboration and partnerships between all sectors are crucial for the adaptation of educational institutions, governments and businesses."

When it came to the global rankings however, Singapore came in at 24th place, while Japan was the only country in APAC to secure a place among the top 10.

Globally, Finland ranked in 1st place with a score of 85.78, followed by Norway (83.84), Switzerland (83.58), and Canada (82.88)

Mercer Human Capital Index ranking global

Mercer Human Capital Index ranking APAC

Mercer percentage of skilled employment graph


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