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Seek early detection for diabetes-related eye conditions

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Comprehensive eye exams are not only important to maintain your eye health, but they can also help detect signs of other serious health issues. Often, eye care professionals are the first to detect chronic conditions like diabetes before other healthcare providers.

Diabetes affects the blood vessels – and the back of the eye is the only place in the body where there is a direct view of blood vessels. Eye care providers were the first to identify signs of diabetes 34%1 of the time, providing key early detection. This early detection is vitally important in Asia, given the estimated 23.8% increase in the prevalence of diabetes in Asia by 20452.

It’s also particularly crucial for people who have already been diagnosed with diabetes to get their eyes examined regularly, because they can develop diabetic retinopathy, a condition where the blood vessels in the retina become damaged.

About 90% of diabetes-related vision loss can be prevented, but early detection is extremely important. Annual comprehensive eye exams are a crucial step in protecting not only vision, but your overall health.

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