Royal Plaza on Scotts (RP) celebrated Ramadan by welcoming migrant and domestic workers to the hotel on 24 May, 7pm for iftar (breaking fast). This was part of its ‘Bond to Give’ CSR initiative, in collaboration with Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME).

At sunset, 50 migrant and domestic workers gathered together at RP for iftar with a spread of mutton rendang, pan-seared prawns with sambal and French beans, five-spice yam roll, nonya kueh, and more. A prayer session also organised for the workers.

In addition, the hotel gave out goodie bags filled with daily necessities such as soap bar, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor kit, body lotion, and phone cards. Food items such as dates, biscuits, chocolates, and Milo were also included.

Coincidentally, the event falls a day before Singapore's Eat With Your Family Day, where organisations are encouraged to support employees in establishing happy homes by allowing them to leave office at a specified time to have dinner with their family, e.g. 5pm.

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‘Bond to Give’ is a CSR programme in its second year and it aims to spur the hotel's talent to organise and do charity work to make a difference for the less privileged. The hotel offers a subsidy of up to S$200 when staff gets together to participate in activity-based charity efforts.

Novia Arluma from Indonesia, who worked in Singapore as a domestic worker since 2012 and volunteers with HOME’s Sunday helpdesk, said: "We are very happy to be invited to the event as we all felt respected and appreciated as individuals."

"We would like to show our appreciation to these individuals who work tirelessly to contribute to our community. It is not easy to be away from loved ones and we hope that through this event, we are able to let the migrant and domestic workers feel at home in Singapore," said Patrick Fiat, general manager and chief experience officer of RP.

Azharie Mudakir


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