Attention bosses and hiring managers!

Nearly one in five APAC employees have a background discrepancy, and in Q1 2014, 54.6% of those were employment-related discrepancies. According to a study by First Advantage, this was a 5.6% increase year-on-year.

The most common employment discrepancy was relating to position held (10.81%), followed by date of employment, reasons for leaving, and last salary drawn.

Singapore saw a 10.42% year-on-year increase in discrepancies, only second to Australia and New Zealand (10.42%).

The study also found APAC employers are conducting six or more checks per background check request, with more bosses conducting “infinity screening”, where they expand checks to include contract workers and the annual re-screening of existing employees.

"Some Asia Pacific employers are still limiting their screening process to calling references provided by the candidate," the report said.

"In these circumstances, employers must take care to implement controls that help ensure the references provided by the candidate are qualified to comment on the candidate’s performance, abilities and altude, in order to facilitate reliable, better informed hiring decisions."

Image: Shutterstock