Uncertain times have just become a little more uncertain, with the World Health Organization (WHO) having declared the Wuhan coronavirus a global health emergency. Indeed, the spread of 2019-nCoV, especially in North and Southeast Asia, has been weighing on the minds of everyone worldwide.

At Human Resources Online, we strive to bring you content that's relevant, accurate, and timely - so we've put together all we know about the Wuhan virus at the moment, in one handy guide developed for sharing with your workforce, from the employer point-of-view.

We hope this guide provides you all the info you might need - such as what precautions to take, when (or when not to) wear a mask, quarantine for high-risk recent travellers, and policies around employees' asked to take a leave of absence.

We're not fans of printing things out as much as you, but if you need to, this PDF is print-able as well as easily shareable via this link. We hope to update it on a weekly basis, as and when more information becomes available. Note - This guide does not constitute any medical advice.

In the meantime, we wish you safe, calm and healthy times ahead! Let's fight this, together.

Photo / 123RF