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Office dating allowance to attract young workers

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We have come to a time when office romance is not necessarily a taboo. That said, office couples often keep things on the down low for various reasons.

Meanwhile, a real estate and catering company in Tokyo, Japan provides its employees with a “dating allowance” as a tactic to lure younger workforce in, as well as to boost productivity.

The company’s representative explained that the younger generations in Japan are losing interest in romantic relationships, which has become one of the country’s biggest social issues.

As a way to get the young workers out of the rut, the company issues 10,000 yen (equivalent to around HKD 700) to each in-office couple every month.

This kind of benefit, however, is not uncommon in Japan. According to a local tabloid Nikkan Gendai, Japanese organisations, start-ups in particular, are currently experiencing talent shortage, and are eager to attract younger workforce through various measures and perks. Some provide special allowance to married couples within the company, while some organise speed dating events for their employees.

Nikkan Gendai also pointed out that, with the help of these in-office dating policies, employees become more motivated at work as having a promising career can be an advantage in romantic relationships.

Bonding activities like company night-out and interest clubs also help cultivate teamwork and facilitate communication between employees, ultimately boosting business development.

The story was first reported by HKET

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