The staff at NEC Philippines (NECPH) spent a day collecting data of an entirely different nature. They picked samples of trash and identified items found at the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA), south of Manila Bay. This coastal clean-up was part of NEC’s “Make-a-Difference-Drive*” initiative.

Equipped with net bags, gloves, masks, and tongs, the NECPH volunteers spent the day sorting and documenting the waste retrieved along the Freedom Island Trail. The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) Community Relations Service (CRS) Special Support Squadron, which collaborated with NECPH for this activity, uses the data obtained from the rubbish to deepen their research into the waste that plagues the Bay.

By the end of the activity, more than 20 sacks of trash were collected by NECPH. Marivic Segismundo, sales director at NECPH and an officer-volunteer with the PCGA, said, “Protecting the environment is of utmost importance, and more must be done to educate everyone on the impact our consumption habits do to our surroundings.”

“Every little gesture counts. Avoiding items that are packed in plastics and bringing your own bags while shopping goes a long way in protecting our environment,” she added.

Joining in the coastal clean-up was NECPH deputy president, Joji Yamamoto, who brought along his nine-year-old son to the event. Mr. Yamamoto said, “This is our first time conducting a coastal clean-up but is certainly not our last. We at NEC believe in co-creating a sustainable society together with our customers, and will continue to look for ways to make a difference in the local community.”

The LPPCHEA is a nature reserve spanning two islands - the Freedom Island and Long Island. It is considered to be an important critical habitat and is host to as many as 41 species of migratory birds in the area, including those from China, Japan, and Siberia. Over 50 NECPH employees, including management leaders from sales, pre-sales, technical and engineering services, finance and HR; their family members participated in this activity.

The NEC MDD started in 1999, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of NEC, as an initiative in regional community contribution activities with NEC Group members volunteering under the slogan "Making a Better Difference. Think Globally, Act Locally". The objective of the NEC MDD is to contribute to solving problems in local communities, to foster a socio-centric corporate mentality, and to enhance corporate value by making regional contributions through community activities in various parts of the world.