The Human Resources team busted our best dance moves as a group in this exciting workout activity held at Zesty Kickz’s Recognize Studios.

If you’re an Avengers geek like some of us in the Human Resources team, then you’re bound to have learnt a lot about teamwork from there.

After all, the premise of each movie is built on how superheroes of contrasting backgrounds, personalities and talents assemble to form a powerful group that reunite to work closely in the aftermath of the destruction left behind by Thanos.

The message that working as one team beats working as just one person is very much applicable to the workplace - whereby close collaboration between different teams (or superheroes) in the business unit is needed to overcome all odds (we all know a Thanos in the office) and achieve their targets (saving the world!).

On that note, the Human Resources team set out for our first team building activity of the year on 18 April - a Zumba class. This was held at Recognize Studios, a cosy fitness space by Zesty Kickz.

While Zumba doesn’t involve all hands on deck to complete a stipulated task, it still promotes team bonding in a fun way - in fact, a 2015 study by University of Oxford researchers found that when people move in sync during dance, it influences their subsequent positive social feelings towards one another by increasing interpersonal trust, willingness to help and a heightened sense of having similar personalities.



And our team would attest to that. While some of us were shy to let go and move freely at first, we soon realised we were all in this together and it was all about the fun. This was helped further by the energetic instructor who not only demonstrated the moves well, but was also genuinely friendly and motivating. She encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and, simply put, dance like no one was watching.

The session lasted 90 minutes (with a quick break in between), taking us through a great mix of fast-paced songs such as “Finesse” by Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, “7 Rings” by Ariane Grande, and a couple of K-pop songs including a Blackpink chart topper. The most memorable part was when The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” came on and we resorted to silly dancing with our partners!



At the end of the session, we were all sweaty but also very happy because it had been so fulfilling. Granted, we were not the most coordinated - some of us moved too slow, some danced in the opposite direction, and some even tripped over themselves (no one was hurt) - we definitely gave it our best shot, and fostered a deeper team spirit.


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