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More than half of global leaders in Asia plan to implement AI

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MIT Technology Review has launched its latest global Getting to Iconic: How world-leading brands balance talent and technology for CX excellence survey which reveals how iconic firms use technology to improve customer experience. According to the survey, artificial intelligence is also not likely to replace humans’ roles in customer service despite its advancement.

Referred as companies that maintain the highest levels of customer experience satisfaction, as well as have world-leading brand recognition, iconic firms are more than twice as likely than others to employ comprehensive, leading-edge technology solutions in such areas as next generation self-service, loyalty programme management and ‘voice of the customer’ survey analytics.

At the same time, iconic firms also understand the limitations of a technology-centric approach in managing customer experience, and value human capital investment.

Interviewing over 550 senior executives across 30 markets, the survey found that not many companies in Asia currently use top-notch CX technologies. Despite that, at least one-third of respondents from Asia had some CX tech in place, and nearly all Asian respondents have plans to implement it in the near future. In particular, 86% cited some plans for artificial intelligence.

Surprisingly, some respondents from Asia’s mature markets are poor adopters; with almost no respondents from Japan indicating that they have leading customer solutions deployed. On that note, more than half of the Asian respondents have no plans to implement self-service, privacy or user experience tools.

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