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Malaysia’s Q2 employment stats: Private sector jobs increased by 145,000 from 2018

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Total positions in Malaysia’s private sector has been consistently on the rise since Q1 2018.

According to the Q2 2019 employment statistics released by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM), the total positions in the private sector was 8,619,000 – an increase of 145,000 compared with the same same quarter in 2018.

The rate of filled positions was 97.5% (8,401,000) while number of vacancies was 218,000 with a rate of 2.5%. In the meantime, a total of 27, 000 jobs were created in this quarter.


In Q2 2019, the services sector continued to be the biggest contributor in positions and filled position with a percentage share of 51.6% and 52.5% respectively. It was followed by the manufacturing sector which recorded a percentage share of 26.3% of positions and 25.6% of filled positions.

In terms of vacancies posted, the manufacturing sector took the upper hand with a percentage share of 55.6%, followed by services (20.1%), and agriculture (13.9%). While the construction recorded a contribution of 10.2% and the mining & quarrying sector recorded 0.2%.

In terms of jobs created, the top three were services (50.4%), construction (20.8%), and manufacturing (19.6%).


In terms of skill, positions were largely recorded in semi-skilled category with a share of 62.3%. The skilled category recorded a total of 24.4% of positions while low-skilled was 13.3%.

The semi-skilled category saw the largest number of jobs created with a share of 48.5%, followed by the skilled category which represented 44.7% and low-skilled category (6.8%).


Infographics / DOSM
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