We're back for the third year of HR Tech Interactive 2015, Asia's only regional conference dedicated to technology innovation in HR management - and we're updating this page live from Hotel Intercontinental in Singapore.

This year's conference will see companies such as Credit Suisse, JF Hillebrand Group, Merck, OshKosh, Samsung, Sanofi and many more talking about the latest trends in HR Technology.

On this page, you can catch live updates from the conference, brought to straight from the team on location – all the tweets on #HRTI2015 to the top advice dished out by our speakers, and some photos through the jam-packed day.

#HRTI2015 Tweets


Leveraging on social media and video collaboration is the theme for today's final panel discussion.

Seen here are (L-R): Glory Sim, HR director, KPMG (moderator); Angelina Chua, HR and admin director, Asia Pacific, Oshkosh Corporation; Eriko Talley, head of HR, APAC, Facebook; Norbert Modla, global head of HR, JF Hillebrand Group; and, Anna Tan, MD of Wentworth People.

Talley comments on the use of social media at the workplace: "Is this person doing what they're supposed to be doing? If that’s the case it doesn’t matter to us what time they choose to do it, as long as they're delivering the results."

Chua shares her experience in using social media for HR: "Social media is an important part in recruitment. Nowadays the candidates are very savvy, they go on LinkedIn to find out more about the interviewer and how they can connect with them."

She adds: "Social media is also a platform for the candidates to understand the culture about the company. So in talent acquisition, we cannot ignore social media anymore, whether the organisation stands out for its culture, or if the candidates want to work with a particular manager."

panel glory sim


The second panel discussion of the day features experts from Biosensors International, Mercer, Samsung and Sanofi exploring the future of the HR workspace.

Seen here are (L-R): Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor, Human Resources (moderator); Grace Wong, VP and regional head of HR, Samsung Asia; Freddie Chow, chief talent officer, APAC, Sanofi; David Chin, chief human resources officer, Biosensors International; and Bhavana Chauhan, center of excellence, HR transformation and workforce planning, Mercer.

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Next up is a session focusing on the difficulties in the implementation of new technologies, headed up by Jill Flanagan, cloud HCM executive at SuccessFactors, an SAP Company.

She suggests: "Every organisation faces an escalation at some point in the implementation process. The project management team should track issues, and follow up until there is clear resolution."



Norbert Modla, global head of HR, JF Hillebrand Group, takes the stage for a case study on engaging employees with technology, with an example of implementing gamification in the firm.

"Gamification is not going to make you like what you do. But if you like what you do, gamification can enhance that experience," he explains.

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The first panel discussion for today focuses on HR analytics as a centre of excellence.

Seen here are (L-R): Dheeraj Shastri, global HR strategy and analytics, Abbott Laboratories; Timothy Koh, director of human resources, APAC, Credit Suisse; Andrew Lafontaine, senior director of HCM strategy and transformation, Oracle Corporation; N Vijayan, regional sales manager, APAC, CareerBuilder; and Dennis Chai, director of HR shared services, APAC/Japan, Merck.

Lafontaine on measuring productivity: "For a lot of organisations, there isn’t a lot of focus on the pipeline. The more analytics you can drive on the quality of your pipeline, the better it is for the sales force, or for any other type of productivity question."

Chai on the difference between data and analytics: "There was a lot of talk among my peers in HR about analytics, but when we really talked about it, all they really wanted was a report. so the great difference between data and analytics is, can you use this data to make decisions?"

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Andrew Lafontaine, senior director of HCM strategy and transformation, Oracle Corporation takes the stage to talk about the next wave of HR transformation.

"A lot of work has gone into the people strategy, although organisations may not call it that. They may say it’s about building engagement and capability," he affirms.

"However, where HR has not spent a lot of time yet is business strategy - making money, saving money, and reducing risk. All 3 are questions every HR leader should ask before making any decision."

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We've started the day! Human Resources' regional editor Aditi Sharma Kalra opens the conference to welcome a room full of delegates and partners.

"Having spoken to many of you while preparing for this conference, it was pretty clear to us that lots of innovative technology is pretty easily available today," she says.

"What isn't easily available however, is the knowledge, and the right skill sets to select the right technology for your organisation, and how to use all of the data it provides in an optimum way."