Mazuin Zin, Edelman Malaysia's MD, strongly believes that shaping talent and culture is not merely a departmental function but rather, a key responsibility of the CEO, and this resonates in her want to make talent and culture the core of an organisation's business strategy.

In this interview with Priya Veeriah, she shares her views on trust, and how leaders can start shaping their organisation's culture.

Trust is the cornerstone of employee engagement and workplace culture. In today's digital world, it is the new currency for business. However, while trust begets trust, distrust also begets distrust.

Further, at the workplace, the responsibility of collaborating across multiple generations to achieve business objectives and success falls heavily on the shoulders of the HR department.

Mazuin Zin, Managing Director of Edelman Malaysia, echoes this sentiment. Mazuin, a speaker at the inaugural Accelerate HR conference in Malaysia, is a passionate evangelist of shaping organisational culture, and is the only Malaysian corporate leader to have won the prestigious FT HERoes Top 100 Global Leaders Award 2018 for encouraging women leaders at work.

In this interview, she shares her views on leaders who break trusts, and what one can do to start shaping their organisation's culture.

Q Where does one start and how long does it typically take to "fix" a culture?

Let's put it like this - it is a never-ending process, and you don't fix a culture but instead, hope to shape it by bringing together talent who have similar value systems and beliefs.

Q What is your view on breaking trust as leaders at the workplace?

I would say as leaders, one builds resilience against any potential breach of trust. Having said that, it goes back to the tenet of 'what kind of circle of trust' one is building, and what its foundation is that becomes a potential firewall against possible breaches.

In my view, it all circles back to 'talent and culture' and how committed we are.

Q Why do you think people should sign up for Accelerate HR?

I'm really looking forward to learning from real-life experiences of practitioners on how they are navigating the 'talent and culture' challenge in their respective organisations, beyond textbook models and powerpoint metrics - something I believe all of us could benefit from!

On 8-9 April, in Kuala Lumpur, Mazuin will be presenting a case study on how Edelman walks the talk and is constantly on the lookout to elevate its cultural experience for its employees.

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