The world's first NERF Action Xperience (NAX) arena in Singapore was launched in Singapore last Friday (4 October), in a partnership between communication design group Kingsmen Creatives (Kingsmen) and global play and entertainment company Hasbro.

The launch event was attended by Human Resources Online.

Spanning over 18,000 sqft and located at Marina Square, the NAX arena is designed to encourage learning, team-building, and family/community bonding through active-play in an edutainment-inspired setting.

It features four themed activity zones - named Compete, Conquer, Challenge, and Create, each designed to enhance skill sets, identify personal strengths, and build individual confidence.

Compete zone

The Compete zone comprises two NERF worlds – Zombie City and Camp Dune. This group-based battleground is dedicated to strengthening strategic thinking, teamwork and communication skills.

Groups of up to six can form a collective team identity by working towards common goals such as securing vaccine in a battle against zombies or invading a new planet to save the world.



Conquer zone

The Conquer zone offers experiences conducted in challenging landscapes inspired by the world's harshest terrains, including drop slides, and high rope courses. These obstacles are aimed to help children overcome their fears and test their limits; thereby building their confidence, mental toughness and resilience.



Challenge zone

The Challenge zone is a blaster-themed playground catered to toddlers and young children aged six and under to play their way through racing roads. It includes zip lines, obstacle courses and a giant pool of NERF dart balls for children to expend their energy.



Create zone

The Create zone allows individuals to express themselves creatively in a freestyle manner. Through the use of 'Super Soakers' and fabric tie-dye, everyone gets a chance to create unique designs on t-shirts and tote bags.



Beyond the fun element, every play zone has been developed in collaboration with international sports psychologists from the Mental Toughness Research Institute in the US, in a move to hone and support the development of confidence, resilience, and problem-solving strategies for all players.

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