JTH Group raises the bar with innovative recruitment strategies

JTH Group raises the bar with innovative recruitment strategies

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JTH Group is forging a reputation for emerging and established technologies that help businesses across Asia. Now, the company is adapting to the modern-day world of recruitment with a suite of innovative strategies.

At the Asia Recruitment Awards Hong Kong 2019, JTH Group was a standout – garnering three gold awards for Best On-Boarding Experience, Best Candidate Experience and Best Mobile Recruitment Strategy. JTH Group topped this off by being judged grand winner for Best Corporate HR Team.

Click here to view the red-carpet after-award video interview with Jenny Pong (Director of Human Resources) and Carmen Chan (head of employee engagement) on YouTube.

Drilling deeper into these areas in which JTH Group has excelled reveals a number of cutting-edge recruitment strategies.

The first port of call for any prospective new candidate is the company’s career website. The site includes videos the company has produced featuring Hong Kong-based CEO Eric van der Hoeven and colleagues. This gives candidates the chance of a fresh experience and the opportunity to meet the CEO – albeit virtually – before they apply for the job.

While visiting the career website, prospective candidates can also take up the option of unwinding a little with one of the video games included on the site, so candidates can sit back, relax and play a game before they prepare their CVs.

The website also includes sharing from the company’s colleagues in the form of video and text. There are about 10-20 colleagues sharing their experiences with the company on the website so candidates can get a sense of what it’s like to work with JTH Group through shared employees’ experiences.

An animated experience JTH Group has also launched its animated job advertisement initiative. These entertaining and engaging packages are in the form of a one-minute animated video stating the responsibilities and requirements of a particular job. The reasoning behind this is that nowadays the younger generation – Millennials and Gen Z – prefer to engage with something that has movement and sound rather than simply reading a page of text.

It’s an initiative that’s quite new to the market. The animated video format is used for graduate recruitment and most of the jobs on the company’s website.

JTH Group believes with this technology and such an easy application process, the candidate is empowered to have a better experience with the company.

The company also puts some of the animated video job ads on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So candidates can see the company’s jobs ads and apply for positions simply through their smartphones.

In terms of its recruitment strategy, when JTH Group created its career website everything it focused on was geared around mobile. Whatever the candidate can do on their desktop or notebook, they can do on their mobile. Nowadays, the younger generation – or anyone really – likes to carry their mobile everywhere.

So when the company created its strategy, its candidate experience and its employee experience, it thought mobile. Candidates can view animated job advertisements via their mobiles and load their CVs via their mobiles.

It’s an integrated strategy. Even though the website was only launched about a year ago it has attracted a significant number of views – more than 80,000 for all jobs on the career site.

Gamification gratification A feature of JTH Group’s on-boarding experience is its gamification app. It contains a topic called “People on boarding”. When new joiners arrive to the company they have access to this gamification app as soon as they step into the company.

As part of a unique induction process for new candidates, on their first day they are invited to view a VR360 video. Every employee – both old and new – gets a pair of the VR360 goggles. And they can watch the VR360 video, which is a greeting from the company’s CEO and top management to welcome the new employees on board.

And even though the company CEO is based in Hong Kong, and colleagues in Singapore, Malaysia and China will not be able to meet him in person straightaway, the CEO can at least greet and welcome them on their first day of work.

After new candidates watch the on-boarding video through their VR360 goggles they can also give an introduction of themselves and upload a selfie photo. In this way, other people in the company can see these new people and hit them with a “like”. And because it’s gamification they can get points.

It’s also a learning app. Employees can engage with it like a social media platform. They can post/like content for points, which are also rewards. Once they have enough points they can be cashed up for gifts (such as a Starbucks value card).

The app has an impressive 85% engagement rate – more than 2000 participants from JTH Group’s total staff of 2700. But JTH Group is keen to point out that while the app is a very handy tool for present and future employees, it does not replace the human touch – and that candidate on-boarding remains a very human experience.

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