Hong Zhuang Lim, CEO, ShuttleOne
Sector spotlight: Financial services
Based in: Singapore

Hiring MBA or banking graduates to a startup that is redefining the banking sector is a concern. The changes in codes and the breakneck speed of innovation are intensifying this challenge. The solution, then, lies in intensive learning and knowledge sharing.

The number one talent challenge this sector is facing

We are facing both a technical and awareness challenge in sourcing for talent. As there’s not much sources of training for the type of talent that we need, we require a longer time in terms of self-training.

Developments that are intensifying this challenge

The changes in codes and the innovation that is going on at breakneck speeds is intensifying this challenge. This comes in the form of heightened security, regulatory and even innovative creations that may change the way how the technology interacts with humans.

Cultivating the right leader-teacher approach is something that we put high priority on within the firm.

Best practices: Strategies that have worked in tackling this challenge

We are keeping abreast with the latest changes. But more importantly within our startup, we have ‘Deep Think’ week once every quarter to tackle some of these issues where we look at the technical challenges we have and see if we can come out with better codes or create native languages.

The next big priority for HR professionals in this sector

The big priority would be to get at least the knowledge and training required for multiple disciplines, in terms of finance and perhaps technical skill sets; even as more and more industries converge or overlap with the blockchain and the internet of finance sectors.

How CEOs are proactively preparing for the future workplace

We are asking our leaders to be teaching professionals, imparting knowledge to their teams with full transparency without the “master keeps some in the bag” mentality. This practice is crucial for the improvement of not only our firm but also the industry as a whole. So cultivating the right leader-teacher approach is something that we put high priority on within the firm.

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