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Human Resources Ministry investigates cause of Bukit Kukus landslide

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Following the landslide at Bukit Kukus, Paya Terubung in Penang, Malaysia’s Human Resources Ministry has initiated an investigation to determine if there was a violation of occupational safety, New Straits Times reported.

Minister M. Kulasegaran said the ministry would also investigate how the employer could allow workers to stay at the location of the incident causing them to be buried alive.

Speaking to reporters after opening the Dr V.V. Menon Community Hall at the Sri Ramar temple at the Royal Malaysian Navy base, he said: “The initial information I received was that all the workers were living in containers (which acted as kongsis) on the hillside, illegally.

“Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) officers and three officers from the Labour Department are already at the site to carry out investigations.”

As of Saturday, four people were found dead while work to locate any others who may have been buried alive continues.

Last week, a stop work order was issued to the Jalan Bukit Kukus paired road linking Paya Terubong with Relau after 14 concrete beams measuring 25m each fell down the slope on the site.

Kulasegaran added that developments at the site are being monitored and the ministry would act if any quarter is found to have committed any offence.

He also assured that the ministry would publicly release findings of investigations once they are completed.

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