Yesterday, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and Malaysian Institute of Integrity (INTEGRITI) in a bid to creating a zero-tolerance environment for corruption.

According to a press release, the MoU will see both organisations collaborating in developing, supporting and enriching integrity values, tools and mechanisms.

In line with this, INTEGRITI will assist HRDF in providing recruitment tools such as the Malaysian Integrity Profile (MIP) for hiring the right talent for the right roles, as well as promoting ethical practices when dealing with its various stakeholders.

The MoU was signed by Dato' CM Vignaesvaran Jeyandran, chief executive of HRDF, and Datuk Dr Anis Yusal Yusoff, INTEGRITI's president and chief executive officer. Present to witness the occasion were Minister of Human Resources Dato' Sri (Dr) Richard Riot Anak Jaem, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan, and Ministry of Human Resources Secretary General Dato’ Dr Mohd Gazali Abas.

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Addressing event attendees, Riot pointed out that issues of power abuse, breach of trust, corruption, malpractice, misconduct and discipline in organisations have been a focus on many people’s minds, adding that such things tarnishes the image of the whole organisation despite only being committed by a handful of individuals.

Highlighting the government policies introduced to address the issue of integrity, Riot noted "among them are the Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah campaign, the Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan campaign, Dasar Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Islam, Etika Kerja and several other related initiatives, including the establishment of the Unit of Integrity in all Public Agencies," adding that the Integrity Unit is a "key element in monitoring individual behaviours and business risks, as well as providing advice on deterrent measures to undertake before something undesirable happens."

Noting that integrity is important in any organisation, government or private sector, HRDF's Vignaesvaran said: "In line with the government’s emphasis on the importance of integrity in various sectors, HRDF has also taken necessary steps to instil this value of integrity in the corporate sector among our registered employers."

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Both HRDF's employees and training providers are already governed by the company's Code of Business Ethics (CoBE), which provides guidance to both HRDF employees and providers on sustainable business relationships based on six principles:

  • To act with integrity
  • To maintain accountability
  • To avoid the appearance of or actual conflicts of interest
  • To abide by the rule of law
  • To give an honest representation
  • To prohibit any form of gifts/business courtesy to procure favours and/or unfair advantage.

This collaboration therefore re-affirms HRDF’s commitment towards its four core values - integrity, customer focus, continuous improvement, and accountability.

Photo /  HRDF