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What you portray about your brand tells a lot about what working for your firm will be like. Here’s how you can ensure job seekers are convinced to click on your vacancy’s ‘apply’ button.

Be honest - as much as we say "don’t judge a book by its cover", we’re all tempted to pick up the book at the library with the shiniest cover, an attention-grabbing headline, or a beautifully-drawn illustration. So, when it comes to positioning an organisation in the job market, the cover speaks a lot.

What you portray about your brand, offline and online, tells a lot about what working for your firm will be like. In fact, more than two-thirds (68%) of employers surveyed worldwide agree that the ability to attract and retain talent is truly the biggest advantage of a strong employer brand.

Tips to maximise your company page on job search sites

#1: It’s all about including the right content

Putting up your logo and a great job description is an effective start - but don’t stop just yet. According to research commissioned by Indeed, job seekers around the world also want to see your company’s salary ranges/compensation structure (57%), a job overview (35%), career path examples (31%), and a successful candidate profile for the job (27%).

When putting out all this information to the public, make sure to keep the content punchy, attractive, and reflective of what working for the company is like today. For example, instead of your typical ‘about us’ write-up on the company’s founding days (especially if it is hundreds of years old), write a snippet about its history and then elaborate on the present.

If you’re using a page like the Indeed Company Page, you could even include captivating media such as news snippets, a page header, and videos showing off employee success stories/a typical day at the office.

Further, good news is always welcome - do make it a point to include any recent accolades your firm has received, interesting announcements, or blog posts. These are great ways to push out your branding, and communicate your company’s culture.

#2: Let the reviews speak for your organisation

Just like how you look up customer reviews on a restaurant before heading there for dinner, job seekers equally look up reviews on your organisation before applying for a role.

In fact, 66% of job seekers surveyed worldwide do so - they want to know everything from how you treat your employees and your approach to work-life harmony, all the way to your firm’s dress code.

How can this be done? While it may be a little daunting to include public reviews of your company on your page, the additional effort will be well worth it - it is a platform for engagement, it helps uncover areas for improvement, and gives you an opportunity to show candidates you’re listening and responding to your employees.

Such an approach manages the job seekers’ first impression of your company, which can indeed lessen the effects of any negative external perceptions.

Aside from that, if you have access to premium features such as Indeed’s Company Pages Premium, users can make use of the review filtering tool available to filter out specific information (based on particular benefits, topics, or locations) that showcases your company’s competitive strengths. In the process, you will be well-placed to conduct a market search on your competitors as well, so you can leverage findings that differentiate your organisation to your advantage.

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