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How family commitment constrains women in Hong Kong

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In light of International Women’s Day (IWD), the LinkedIn Opportunity Index shares women in Hong Kong are still facing barriers in their career advancement and professional learning.

In terms of career advancement, family commitment is still impacting women more than men. 9% of female respondents that were seeking career advancement cited “family commitment and lack of support” as the key barrier compared with only 1.4% of male respondents.

Family commitments also hindered women to acquire new skills (10%), while only 4% of male respondents viewed that as their barrier. This could explain why more men in Hong Kong (21%) were actively looking to “learn a new technology” compared with women (17%).

“More can be done to understand the gender gap, and the opportunities and barriers faced by women. Only then can businesses and the community champion gender equal initiatives and achieve a more balanced representation, thereby helping women gain access to desired opportunities and to allow women to thrive in the workplace,” Feon Ang, Vice-President of Learning and Talent Solutions, Asia Pacific, said.

“The business community can nurture stronger support systems through a deeper understanding of women’s ambitions and barriers to opportunities, to inspire them to learn new skills and seek opportunities to advance their careers and progress in lives.”

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