Workforce analytics comes in different forms and revolutionising human resources management through data requires solid decisions and critical actions.

This is why HR experts and industry thought leaders from leading companies, such as Kimberly Clark and Digi will dive into the most crucial topics surrounding the use of workforce analytics at HR Tech Interactive, the regional invitation-only HR technology event for HR leaders.

“HR analytics has become a game-changer over the years not only because of its sophistication but the results it brings to the different aspects of HR,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine.

“HR Tech Interactive 2016 will show how organisations can implement workforce analytics in a meaningful way to ensure business growth.”

Now in its fourth year, HR Tech Interactive will focus on the areas of HR technology which represents the most pressing issues for HR professionals in Asia today according to research into the HR community. Here is how one of the topics, workforce analytics, will be addressed at the conference.

For his case study presentation “Workforce analytics for talent retention and lower business costs,” Bilal Waris, head of talent acquisition and management at Digi, will analyse how to use the right data to detect the right problems in HR and in an organisation.

Waris will shed light on the functions and potentials of predictive analysis. The use of talent analytics in reducing workforce costs is also included in his discussion.

Can employee statistics and quantitative data produce actual value for a company? That is what Eugene Lam, regional human resources director at Kimberly-Clark, will answer in his keynote session “Workforce analytics for talent management.”

Lam will specify the strategies involved in effective and efficient processing of information and providing insight into the value of talent.

Other topics covered by his presentation are the use of technology and data analytics to drive HR decisions within talent and leadership strategy, the importance of past data in shaping business results, and different systems important to processing and analysing valuable data.

“HR Tech Interactive 2016 will explore the opportunities that data-driven decisions can make to ensure talent growth, HR transformation and business success,” said Evon Yew, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

Past HR Tech Interactive participants are senior HR leaders from major employers in the region, such as AXA, Credit Suisse, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt Group, Maersk, Petronas, Societe Generale, UPS, and Volvo. All presenters and panellists, such as David Chin, chief human resources officer at Biosensors, were director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

Held in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in September, HR Tech Interactive is Asia’s biggest HR technology strategy event. Attendance to the one-day annual event is by invitation only with invitations reserved for senior in-house HR professionals.

Human Resources’ “Interactive-style” conference format applies to case study presentations, panel discussions and roundtable discussions in which delegates work through five topic areas in a single day – an experience described by attendees as eight hours of intense peer learning.

Senior HR professionals interested in getting a global and Pan-Asian regional view of HR tech can visit the event website For more information, please contact:

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