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Let’s talk a little bit about the good things (and the bad) about being on the team building planning committee.

So your boss calls you into the office. You sit down, wondering what to expect.

Then, your boss starts speaking: “XXX, I want you to help out in this year’s team building activity planning.”

But you’re confused, you’re lost. You’re thinking: “Why me? I’m too busy with other stuff to do. No benefits, no thank you!”

This is a common sight for many companies, we’ve realised after servicing over 800 of them.

Sometimes, you as the executive become part of the committee, knowingly, or unknowingly.

But before you start becoming “sian” (slang for bored), let’s talk a little bit about the good things (and the bad) about actually being on the team building planning committee.

Got so good, meh?


  • Of course, being a part of a committee means extra work for you, we’re not going to lie!
  • Since it’s a committee, this means that there’s bound to be some form of red tape.
  • Oh, did we mention that if the event screws up, guess who gets the blame? Your committee. That means you.
But enough talk about how miserable this “kenna arrow” job is, and let’s actually explore more in-depth into whether being part of the team building committee is something worth…celebrating about?


  • As the personnel in the team planning committee, you get direct access to VIPs and VVIPs during the overall planning, when these people give overall event objectives and budget directions between the options proposed by your committee, and on the actual day of the event.
  • This means you get a very exclusive chance to showcase your strong leadership and project management skills. Since your higher-ups are actually a part of the event, it probably means they’ll remember it.
  • It’s a chance to show that you take every project and opportunity seriously, which goes a long way in any career.
  • Internally, you get the chance to network with all the individuals in your company, which can help you get things done easier in the future.
  • Most importantly, if the event is done well, you can expect to get small nuggets of points for a job well done.
In short, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows being in a team planning committee.

But we’re here to make it better, and make you, the planner, happier.

We at Griness Teambuilding Singapore have compiled our years of knowledge after holding hundreds of team building events, and corporate functions to come up with a comprehensive guide that walks you and your HR department through the entire process of planning, budgeting, and holding a team building event that is memorable for years to come.

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