Employee health and safety continues to remain high on the agenda of local leaders, as Singapore continues to face increased life expectancy and an ageing population.

In line with this, the Singapore government has accepted eight recommendations from the International Advisory Panel (IAP) for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). These include:

a. Instil greater WSH ownership by developers and clients in the construction sector

b. Strengthen the link between WSH performance and business outcomes

c. Integrate WSH with employee well-being

d. Build capabilities to support implementation of Total WSH

e. Better monitoring of workplace health data

f. Facilitate mindset change through Vision Zero Leaders

g. Develop performance measures to track the progress of the Vision Zero mindset movement

h. Provide a compelling case for Vision Zero

Hawazi Daipi, IAP co-chair and senior parliamentary secretary for education and manpower, said: “The IAP’s recommendations will guide Singapore’s efforts toward building a systemic culture for a zero-accident philosophy and the integration of general health and workplace health through the Total WSH approach.

"We will work closely with key stakeholders to implement the recommendations."

At the recent WSH Conference 2014, speakers agreed it is important companies approach employee health and wellness in a holistic manner.

Additionally, leaders at the event reminded employers while it is important to focus on physical health, they must not neglect staff's mental health as well.

With more local employees reporting higher levels of stress, companies will take to make a more concerted effort in helping staff manage their work-life balance.

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"Every one of us must work together, as we strive towards a better future," Hawazi said at the conference. "Your combined and concerted efforts would enable us to change mindsets and improve working conditions."

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the International Advisory Panel (IAP)
the International Advisory Panel (IAP)
the International Advisory Panel (IAP)
the International Advisory Panel (IAP)