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Fun Friday: Do you know what your Gen Z employees' slang terms mean?

Fun Friday: Do you know what your Gen Z employees' slang terms mean?


In helping you and your team communicate better with your Gen Z employees, here's a simple and fun guide to the most common Gen Z slang out there - bookmark this!

With more Generation Z individuals entering the workforce, you may have picked up on some new lingo that you're enjoying learning and using, or that simply fly over your head. 

No doubt, Gen Z's use of slang and emojis can be confusing to some of their older colleagues — in fact, Google searches for ‘Gen Z slang’ have jumped by 123% while the search term ‘Gen Z words’ has shot up 86% in the US, according to Movchan Agency's findings.

In helping you and your team out, the Agency has put together a simple and fun guide to the most common Gen Z slang out there - bookmark this for your next conversation with your Gen Z teammate.

Delulu: delusional
"You're being delulu if you think the company will increase your salary after three months of working here."

Slay: to be remarkably impressive.
"You have slayed your presentation, good job!"

Common W or L: common win/loss (a way to agree or disagree with someone's point or action)
"And then my boss said she trusts me enough not to micromanage me!"
"Well, that's a common W for her."

No cap: being truthful and meaning that you say something genuinely
"Let me know if I can be of any help. I am here to support you because I care about your well-being as much as your performance, no cap."

Rizz:  short for charisma (flirtatious context)
"Did you see the way Jim acts when Pam is near? The way he leans to her desk and smiles. The guy definitely has natural rizz."

To serve:  to look good
"Her new outfit looks stunning on her, she's serving."

It's sending me: it’s very funny
"The meme you sent to our group chat has sent me."

Sus: suspicious.
"So John took a sick leave but I keep seeing his insta stories from a resort in Greece. This is so sus."

Slap (adj): something is very cool
"Your performance slaps this year, so I decided to give you a bigger bonus."

It's giving: comparison to something.
"This idea is giving plagiarism, babe. Do you have anything else?"

Dupe: duplicate.
"With this workload, there is no way I am going on vacation. I'll just take a bath, drink a cocktail, and do some skincare — this is my vacation dupe."

Menty b: mental breakdown
"If you don't have a rest from work it will lead to burnout. We don't want any menty b's, do we?"

Side eye: a judgemental look that you verbalize by saying "side eye"
"Gossipping about co-workers? Really...side eye!"

The brain isn't braining: something logically doesn't add up, I don't understand it.
"I literally don't have the capacity to process what you've just said. My brain isn't braining."


*While the findings were based in the US, HRO believes they would still be relevant and relatable to our audience across Asia.

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