The 4th industrial revolution will require us to be more human and HR has to enable employees to unleash their potential, affirms Eng Poo Jiuan, Regional Human Resources Director, Baker Hughes, a GE company.

Q Can you tell us how corporate learning has changed since the 2000s? What is primary difference comparing to past?

It was common for organisations to have a learning curriculum which can be a combination of leadership, business, technical or functional skills, aligned with the organisation’s business strategies, culture, operations requirements.

In the last 20 years, we have seen how the corporate training industry has changed, driven by technological, economic change, and evolving philosophy of how we look at employees’ career growth.

Technology has enabled learning anytime, anywhere and at affordable costs to both the individual and corporations. The focus has also shifted from a career focused and fixed curriculum approach to creating learning experience to unleash creativity, self realisation etc.

Q What is the role of L&D in the future of work from an HR perspective? How can L&D professionals promote continuous learning that encourages employees to actively seek personal growth?

The 4th industrial revolution will require us to be more human, not trying to resist the evolution of artificial intelligence, but to focus on what humans do best – creating an experience for employees to unleash their potential, enabling high performing teams.

The challenge for L&D will be on creating the strategy and actions to enable a learning culture, ensuring employees have a 'Growth Mindset' (Carol Dweck), and creating an organisation where employees are encouraged to focus on how they are growing continuously.

Q Why do some managers build exceptional talent — and others don’t? What is your approach towards developing a strong coaching function in every business unit?

Long gone are the days of command and control and expecting managers to be the one with answers for his teams. Managers have been unlearning and learning in the last decade on how they can be an effective leader vs a manager. Attention is now on how they are driving culture and inspiring their teams to deliver for their organisations. Driving leaders as coaches could be a way to help organisations building that coaching muscle in the organisation.

Q What would attendees learn from your session during the Learning & Development Asia 2019?

During the conference, I look forward to sharing how we can create and drive coaching culture in an organisation to enable high performing team. We will discuss how learning to be effective coaches involves learning about themselves and how they develop relationships or partnerships to discover, learn and change with their teams. We will also explore essential enabling elements in an organisation to ensure that the building of coaching muscles is sustainable and becomes part of the DNA in the organisation.

Catch Eng Poo Jiuan’s session at #LearningDevelopmentAsia this 17-18 September 2019 as he discusses on some practical tips and initiatives in Boeing towards creating a culture framework to develop high-potential workforce.

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