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Faces of HR: Advantek's Rose Ann Lera talks about AI's impact on HR roles

Faces of HR: Advantek's Rose Ann Lera talks about AI's impact on HR roles

"Rather than viewing AI as a threat, we should see it as an opportunity for HR professionals to focus more on meeting the needs of our people and the business", the leader affirms.

While AI is all anyone is talking about, it is unlikely that it would replace the value brought to the table by human talent, Rose Ann Lera, SVP HR and Compliance, Advantek, shares. Thus, it's time that HR sees it as something that can help in their processes, rather than view it as something that poses a threat instead.

Rose Ann Lera is a seasoned human resource professional with nearly 14 years of extensive global experience across various HR functions including general HR, compensation & benefits, HR operations, talent acquisition, talent management, and compliance.

Her journey with Advantek began in 2010, transitioning from a medical background to HR roles. Over the years, Rose Ann's dedication and expertise propelled her through successive roles, culminating in her appointment as Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance in April 2023. She has since spearheaded initiatives such as HR and payroll system enhancements, ESG and RBA planning and implementation and successful mergers.

Ahead of her session at the inaugural Transform Talent Philippines 2024, in this series dedicated to featuring top speakers from our events, Rose Ann chats with Mary Ann Bundukin about her learnings through her experience in HR, her views on AI and its use in HR, and more.

Q Thinking back to your first day in HR, what is the most important learning that sticks with you until today?

Reflecting on my experience, I realise that the most crucial lesson is understanding that HR is far more than just managing employee-related matters. At its core, it’s about balancing the needs of the organisation and its people effectively. The HR role also encompasses a range of administrative skills, often extending beyond traditional job descriptions. It's definitely more than what's written in the books. In fact, I learned more from experience managing real-life situations.

Whether they're positive or negative experiences, they served as a frame of reference for future scenarios, helping me be more decisive.

As you can imagine, the position requires having a good head on your shoulders, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to handle diverse situations effectively.

What steps do you believe are necessary to transform today's talent into the talent that the business needs?

We can transform today's talent into the talent that the business needs by first clearly understanding the organisation's purpose and goals. This clarity allows us to accurately identify the business's specific needs. I’m fortunate to be working in an organisation where our mission and values are clear.

Next, it’s important to have resources and programmes in place to help identify and nurture the right talents for the organisation. A customised talent management strategy will guide the organisation in attracting, developing, and retaining talent. This approach ensures that the business has the right people in the right roles, driving organisational success.

Could you share emerging trends that you believe will have the most significant impact on HR in the next few years?

Everyone seems to be talking about AI and its potential to transform HR. While I agree this trend is noteworthy, I don't foresee it significantly impacting HR roles in the near future.

Ultimately, AI is unlikely to replace human talent. In HR, it is essential to have a real person with whom employees can discuss issues. Despite its advancements, AI may not be able to capture the nuances of HR work, particularly in situations requiring empathy.

However, AI can simplify administrative processes such as generating research and reports, developing content, and providing ideas. Rather than viewing AI as a threat, we should see it as an opportunity for HR professionals to focus more on meeting the needs of our people and the business.

What are you most looking forward to in your session at #TransformTalentPH?

I am most excited to delve into the pivotal role of leaders in identifying and developing current talents, and how to create a sustainable process for this. Often, we overlook that leaders themselves are part of the talent pool and not separate from the rest of the employees. However, it’s crucial for leaders to also have the right skills for effective talent management, particularly in implementing succession strategies.

During my session, I plan to explore practical approaches and share best practices that can help leaders nurture and guide their teams more effectively.

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