Google, Singapore Airlines, DBS and J.P. Morgan - these four employers have emerged as some of the topmost ideal employers among university students in Singapore, according to Universum's latest Universum Talent Survey 2020, released today, and shared exclusively on Human Resources Online.

As part of the survey, over 10,000 students from Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Singapore University of Technology and Design were surveyed on their employer choices, career aspirations, and more.

These are summarised below.

Top 15 ideal employers among IT students

#1 Google
#2 Microsoft
#3 Apple
#4 Facebook
#5 Amazon
#6 Grab
#7 Government Technology Agency
#8 Shopee
#9 J.P. Morgan
#10 DBS
#11 IBM
#12 Defence Science & Technology Agency
#13 Ubisoft
#14 Changi Airport Group
#15 Singapore Airlines

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Top 15 ideal employers among business students

#1 Google
#2 J.P. Morgan
#3 Singapore Airlines
#4 Changi Airport Group
#5 Walt Disney Company
#6 Goldman Sachs
#7 Apple
#8 DBS
#9 Facebook
#10 PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
#11 Deloitte
#12 Unilever
#13 KPMG
#14 Morgan Stanley
#15 McKinsey & Company

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Top 15 ideal employers among engineering/natural sciences students

#1 Google
#3 Rolls-Royce
#4Singapore Airlines
#5 ST Engineering
#6 Changi Airport Group
#7 ExxonMobil
#8 GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
#9 Apple
#10 Defence Science & Technology Agency
#11 Microsoft
#12 National Environment Agency 
#13 Boeing
#14 Dyson
#15 Procter & Gamble (P&G) 

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Top career aspirations among local university students

When asked about the elements students look for in an employer, both business and IT students prioritised an employer who would provide them with “high future earnings” and “professional training and development.” This stands in contrast to those who come from an engineering and natural sciences orientation, who prioritised a friendly work environment and work-life balance as their top two most important attributes when assessing potential employers.

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As for those in engineering/natural sciences, this group ranked innovation as the top attribute that was attractive to them in terms of employer reputation and image a contrast to the past years, when they most favoured employers with an inspiring purpose.

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What important topics should you, the employer/HR, focus on when posting on social media?

Advancement opportunities, training and development, and remuneration and benefits - these are the top three topics that are "very important" to respondents (52%, 51%, and 48% respectively), the survey revealed.

At the same time, talking about your products and services, the company's market performance, and diversity and inclusion are considered important (52%, 50%, and 49% respectively).

While this was so, graduates placed overall lesser importance on corporate social responsibility, what the workplace looks like, and social events and activities for employees.

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The most preferred first job for Singapore graduates

A majority of graduates surveyed would want to work for an international firm upon graduation, with close to 60% of business graduates leading the way. At the same time, slightly over 50% of IT graduates would prefer this option, followed by close to 50% of engineering/natural sciences graduates and finally, 30% of humanities graduates.

On the other hand, just between 10-20% of each demographic would prefer their first job to either be with a start-up, or to be their own business venture; IT graduates made up the majority here, with 15% choosing so.



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