British technology firm Dyson, famed for its innovative vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans, launched a new £330 million (S$587 million) research and development (R&D) centre at Singapore Science Park yesterday.

Led by Scott Maguire, global engineering director at Dyson, the new centre will focus on developing new technologies for the future, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, fluid dynamics and vision systems.

The facility, which houses its Global Technology Centre of Excellence, will lead downstream research and development for new product categories and internet of things (IoT) technologies to support the company’s move into the smart homes market.

Dyson Accoustic Lab

Highlighting how new centre’s engineering team will work on bringing hardware, electronics and software together; Dyson's founder and chief engineer Sir James Dyson noted: “It is no coincidence that we are deepening our investment in Singapore to achieve our technology ambitions. Right here, some of the world’s brightest minds are working on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, fluid dynamics, vision systems to bring hardware, electronics and software together.”

"Good software allows Dyson products to actually improve over time and gives them intelligence to understand and respond to their environment,” he added.

Sir James Dyson at the launch


The company, which currently employs 1,100 people in Singapore, said it plans to grow its Singapore-based engineering team by 50%. It is seeking highly skilled engineers across a broad range of engineering disciplines including connectivity, motors, sensors, electronics, robotics, navigation, software and purification.

Looking to fill 200 positions, 160 of them are engineering roles and within them, the company is looking to bring in 110 software engineers. Maguire commented: "Dyson’s global engineering capabilities will be not only be led by myself, but also a great team of technology leaders. They are tasked with looking after all of Dyson technologies that drive our floor care, environmental control and personal care categories and more."

"Our latest addition to our engineering capabilities in Singapore is the connectivity team, led by Kunasilan Gounden, head of Connectivity, SEA. They are the fastest growing team and we look forward to tapping into the best talent the region has to offer to grow our software and connectivity expertise," he added.

Maguire stated that the Singapore Technology Centre will play a complementary role with the Malmesbury campus in co-developing future technologies for its global technology pipeline - where Singapore will shine is in its software development and engineering capabilities.

Speaking to Human Resources, he noted: "Today we have 350 brightest and greatest engineers from the region working of state-of-the-art Dyson technology. To drive our research and development into future technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, connectivity and sensors, we are looking to add to that team 110 software engineers to create a new generation of Dyson machines for the world."

In the press release, Dr Beh Swan Gin, chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board remarked: “We are pleased that Dyson is expanding and deepening its presence to Singapore. With its focus on connected technology and intelligent machines, Dyson’s Singapore Technology Centre will create exciting jobs in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development.”

“This will in turn, inspire young Singaporeans about the transformational possibilities of engineering, and support our drive to build an innovation-led economy,” he further commented.

Photo / Dyson