Are you good at your job? Would you class your performance as better than your colleagues'?  If your answer is yes, then chances are you're making more money.

A recent survey found a correlation between professional confidence and salary: employees with bigger egos take home the bigger paycheck.

The results are based on data collected by PayScale from 383,028 American workers over a two-year period. Among other things, respondents were asked how much they agree with the following statement:

"I am the top performer at my company for jobs similar to mine".

Respondents could strongly agree, strongly disagree, or something in between. An impressive 43% of respondents had no doubt they were the top performer.

Payscale survey big salary big ego

"We classified those who chose "Strongly Agree" as big ego employees, reflecting either a high level of professional confidence, and inflated sense of self, or both", PayScale states on their website.

The company then analysed differences in responses by several factors, including job title. The results show that certain professions feature a lot more big ego employees than others, with cooks, chief executives and art directors taking taking the lead.

Payscale survey big salary big ego

Knowing whether or not you'd be classed as a big ego employee may not help you much in your career, but one of the related findings might. The PayScale survey discovered a clear correlation between an employee's confidence and their pay. While only 37% of workers with an annual salary under $25,000 considered themselves the top performer, 56% of employees making more than $200,000 felt the same.

Although the connection is clear, the survey did not look into the causality, leaving it open for interpretation whether more confidence leads to higher pay, or the other way around.

Payscale survey big salary big ego

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