Digi Telecommunications (Digi) recently (10 October) hosted its fourth Digital Day, to inspire and engage its employees to further their understanding on how technology can enhance the business, way of work as well as their personal lives.

Digital Day is a company-wide event where Digi's employees (Digizens) dedicate one full day to learning. It falls in line with the firm's ongoing learning initiatives, wherein Digitzens are challenged to complete at least 40 hours of education via online learning platforms such as Coursera, LinkedIn learning, and Udacity, by the end of the year.

In a press release, Digi stated that this year's Digital Day, which carried the theme 'discover what matters most', gave employees "a renewed focus" to find out what was important to them, while also equipping them with valuable knowledge on enhancing their wellbeing through the use of digital tools."

Digi's Chief Digital Officer Praveen Rajan said: "We want to encourage Digizens to not only bring their best at work, but to also hone what matters most to them through technology. After all, they are the brilliant minds powering the everyday innovations that serve to improve the lives of our customers."

With continuous learning and upskilling as the job of the day, Digizens were given the opportunity to choose from 17 masterclasses covering a wide range of topics, including: personal finance, nutrition, healthy eating, creating a digital identity, and more.

Through these classes, they were able to learn about leveraging technology and digital tools to enhance their personal wellbeing, in order to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

Apart from these, this year's Digital Day also featured a series of talk, Inspiring Speakers, which saw top business leaders from different industries sharing insights and stories about their industries, company growth as well as digitalisation journey.

Additionally, a few digital initiatives by Digi were showcased, such as the MySales App, which digitalises the workflow for Digi’s salesforce and equips them with essential information; as well as the brand's data science projects, particularly movement analytics, which utilises data to help it optimise its store locations to ensure they are strategically placed in locations where most of the customers are.

Last, the brand's Yellow Heart initiative, to reach out to the senior community, was also highlighted.

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