Deloitte Singapore has launched its Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) to hire and train individuals who wish to make a mid-career switch and take up a position with its consulting practice.

The PCP was developed in collaboration with Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), making it the first organisation to establish a PCP for consulting jobs.

The programme is open to candidates from different careers who possess skills and experience that might benefit the consulting roles. These candidates will go through the same interview and selection process as with all other candidates and will be considered based on their skills and experience, and if they can fit the work culture and environment at Deloitte.

Philip Yuen, CEO, Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore, said: "This group of talent will be able to help us deliver greater value to our clients with their unique insights that their previous experience affords them. They will also add to our employee diversity, opening up more opportunities for our people to transfer knowledge and learn from one another’s experiences."

Eugene Ho, Deloitte Singapore’s consulting leader, remarked: "The PCP formalises what we have been doing all along – seeing the value of hiring professionals who would like to pursue a different career in the consulting sector," adding the PCP allow Deloitte to open its doors wider to attract more talent that have the expertise and experience to do well in the consulting sector.

Mid-career professionals hired into the Deloitte consulting practice will receive training and mentoring as they take their first steps into their role as a consultant. This is done through in-house development programmes where they will work closely with a peer of similar background and experience who will help them navigate the first months with Deloitte, and also mentors who will guide them.

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Deloitte also offers a variety of structured learning programmes, for example on-the-job training, overseas secondment, and both classroom-style and online e-learning courses, for employees. To develop their expertise further, some of the training may also include equipping them with hot skills specific to their industry areas.

Tan Choon Shian, chief executive, Workforce Singapore, commented: "This PCP will enable Deloitte to hire senior local PMETs who may not have the requisite consulting or technical skills but possess deep sectoral knowledge and networks, to gain entry into the sector. This is indeed a great recognition placed on the value mid-career PMETs bring."

Meanwhile, Kelvin Wong, assistant managing director, EDB, said: "We are delighted that Deloitte Singapore has become the first consulting firm here to launch a PCP, making talent development a key part of their corporate capabilities.

"This is in line with the Professional Services Industry Transformation Map launched in January this year, which encourages firms to actively train and equip the workforce with digital skills as the sector evolves in order to better service their clients."

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