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CUEPACS urges Malaysia government to double civil servants’ salary increment

Bernama has reported that the Congress of Union of Employees in the Public And Civil Services (CUEPACS) wants the Malaysian government to consider giving double salary increment to all civil servants.

According to the report, CUEPACS president Datuk Azih Muda said that the incentive would definitely help to alleviate the financial burden of the civil servants facing the rising cost of living. He commented: “Cuepacs also called on the government to carry out a review on the public service allowance rate (for the lowest group) which is only RM95 now. The last time the rate was reviewed was in 2002.”

“It is high time for the government to set the minimum rate for the allowance at RM180. This is among our suggestions,” he added, speaking at a press conference on Friday.

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He hoped that the suggestions would be given specific consideration in view of the 15th Public Service Perdana Assembly (MAPPA) scheduled for 3 October.

He continued with saying that CUEPACS had also asked the government to consider expanding the time-based promotion to other groups in the civil service.

“The first time the time-based promotion was given was to the implementer group officers and then to teachers. Now we are asking for the time-based promotion to be given to other groups soon, hopefully by 1 January next year,” he said.

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